Skin lightening: Bullshit or miracle cure? 5 facts hard facts

What is a Light Skin?

A light skin is a healthy skin, with good health and less wrinkles. It has a high percentage of "white" skin, not too dark skin and the ability to maintain good health. A light skin is light in pigment, and is made from the presence of a few pigment types, including melanin, the pigment which produces the white. This is an important characteristic of the skin and a very important part of the body.

What do "light skin" products do?

There are products that can improve skin color, but don't do it for the lightening of skin. If you want to make your skin healthier by lightening, use a good moisturizer, moisturizer with SPF. Use a sunscreen. The products that lighten skin for me are:

Micellar water, also known as the moisturizer of the eye, is a concentrated form of water. It is used in the morning to make the skin moist and soft. It is used to treat dryness in the eyes, nose and mouth. It can be used as a moisturizer for the entire body as well. Micellar water is available in different strengths, like 6%, 10% and 12% and is also available in capsules. It is used as an eye moisturizer.

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